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Cloud security is ruining your productivity!

Cloud Security and Employee Productivity

Businesses are spending billions of dollars each year to transition to the cloud and take advantage of the efficiencies the technology offers.

The cloud is boosting employee productivity:

  • Employees can now work from anywhere
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Access the cloud 24/7

However, businesses are missing out on the true potential of the cloud in the name of security.

OcuCloud’s advanced software keeps valuable business information safe by:

  • Enabling you to identify and prevent malicious, negligent employees and their actions
  • Video recordings of valuable information allow you to easily find and watch what’s being done with this information

OcuCloud keeps business’ valuable information safe in the cloud without impacting employee productivity

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Security vs. Productivity

Security is essential, however, it can be detrimental to productivity and can counter the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Cloud functionality is being restricted, for example:

  • The ability to download reports
  • Access to the cloud platforms on mobile devices

These limitations are severely hampering productivity, ultimately hurting your business’ bottom line.

When employees require access to certain functionality, there is a back and forth conversation between business units, a time staking and onerous task. This increases costs and demands on IT and other business units. In circumstances full rights are granted or sensitive information is shared, defeating the entire reason for implementing the restrictions in the first place.

These controls create a false sense of security while failing to prevent security breaches.

For example:

  • A rogue sales person may not be able to exfiltrate a client listing, but they are able to delete records, enter misleading data and alter banking information.
  • Employees that are leaving an organization are high risk. These employees have access to valuable business information. Most security controls focus on shutting off access only once the employee has left. They neglect to address the increased security risk prior to this time frame.

Information sharing between devices and applications can render security ineffective. For example, businesses’ contacts on employees’ mobiles can automatically be merged with personal contacts. This means employees could already have valuable business information on their phone. They wouldn’t need to download a report to get this data.

This security, furthermore, fails to:

  • Negate negligence. Without accountability employees transgress.
  • Address privileged users with unfettered access.

What if there was a way to keep business information safe without limiting the cloud or employee productivity?

There is, with OcuCloud – Get the full, unrestricted benefits of the cloud:

  • Maximise employee productivity without compromising security
  • Introduce previously restricted features such as mobile computing (BYOD) whilst maintaining security
  • Improve your security posture
  • Comply with regulatory standards

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