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Coronavirus & remote working: The future of business

The next few months will shape the future of the work environment forever. The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to rush, adapt and adopt remote working. For businesses the cloud has made remote working a possibility.

Businesses that have on-premise infrastructure are now re-evaluating their IT. In order to allow their employees to work remotely, businesses are ceasing control of their on-premise information and entrusting a third-party cloud provider to host this information. Businesses now rely on cloud provider security.

Cloud providers spend millions of dollars to secure their platforms. They provide security in the form of Identity Access Management (IAM) tools that ensure outsiders (like hackers) are kept out of the cloud and that employees go to the right place in the cloud. Employees need access to business information in order to do their jobs. Cloud providers take no responsibility for employee actions. Businesses must provide their own security when it comes to their employees.

While external threats, like hackers make for great news, employees are far more dangerous. Employees have been given the keys to the kingdom. Unlike outsiders, employees know exactly where a business’ valuable information is, how to access it and what that information is worth. The risks are compounded as employees are now accessing business information 24 hours a day outside the office, from anywhere, using mobiles, laptops and tablets.

34% of all reported security breaches are caused by insiders. Diverse and dangerous in nature, employee security breaches range from taking client information to a competitor, deleting a business’ entire database, to creating fake accounts for fraudulent payments.

See a demo of how OcuCloud allows businesses to adopt remote working by:

  • Doing all the heavy lifting to prevent employee security breaches without the need for security experts
  • Providing unparalleled visibility into what’s going on with information – see who, where, how and why
  • Allowing full cloud functionality, maximise employee productivity while maintaining employee privacy.

95% of businesses are concerned about employees. OcuCloud solves this pain point. OcuCloud prevents malicious and negligent employee actions.

OcuCloud is helping small, medium and corporate enterprises implement remote working with:

  • Recordings of valuable business information to protect this information
  • Advanced Multifactor Authentication that ensures the person accessing valuable business information is the employee and not someone else using the employee’s credentials or device
  • Single Sign On Portal that manages business sanctioned cloud services

In these uncertain times, remote working is essential to continuity of business operations. Security should not be overlooked in the haste to get employees working from home. The consequences of a security breach could be devastating – fines, reputation damage and financial loss.

To find how OcuCloud can ready your business to initiate remote working safely, book a demo here today.

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