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How does OcuCloud protect my information if my employee loses their laptop?


OcuCloud verifies that the person logging in, is the employee and not someone else using their credentials or device. OcuCloud confirms the identity of the employee with advanced multifactor authentication.



Am I able to rebrand the SSO portal with my company’s logo?


Yes. This is available through the admin portal.



I have recently uploaded a sensitive file. I would like to see which employees have accessed it. Is this something I can do?


Yes. Simply type the action and OcuCloud will provide you with the employees’ names, devices, locations, times and dates when accessing the file. If you want to see what they did, press play and watch the video.



I am worried about business information ending up in unauthorized cloud services. How can OcuCloud help?


Employees are only granted access to those cloud services the business has sanctioned and that the employee is authorized to work in.



I’ve decided to use OcuCloud, how long does it take to deploy?

OcuCloud can be deployed in minutes and the protection of your valuable information is instantaneous.



Does OcuCloud ensure my employees’ privacy?


Yes, our unique software is designed to protect your employees’ privacy. OcuCloud adheres to the most stringent of privacy requirements in the US, Europe, Australia, etc. OcuCloud ONLY records valuable information and that’s to protect that information.



Does OcuCloud impact on my employees’ productivity?


OcuCloud allows full cloud functionality and maximises employee productivity.



What resources, training or specialized staff do I need to use OcuCloud?


No security experts or resources are required. OcuCloud does all the heavy lifting when it comes to security.