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Below are the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can you try OcuCloud before using it and is it easy to do?

Yes, OcuCloud has a 14-day trial. The free trial can be set up in minutes and is available for up to 10 employees. 

I’ve decided to use OcuCloud, how long does it take to deploy?

OcuCloud can be deployed in minutes and the protection of your valuable information is instantaneous.

Does OcuCloud ensure my employees’ privacy?

Yes, our unique software is designed to protect your employees’ privacy. OcuCloud adheres to the most stringent of privacy requirements in the US, Europe, Australia, etc. OcuCloud ONLY records valuable information and that’s to protect that information.

Does OcuCloud impact on my employees’ productivity?

No, your employee’s productivity is not impacted at all.  

How does pricing work?

We offer 2 pricing plans:

1) One application or infrastructure costs $25 per employee per month

2) Many applications or infrastructures costs $40 per employee per month

You can add or remove employees as you wish. Payment is upfront on a month-to-month basis.

I’ve decided to use OcuCloud, how do I pay?

Payments are made by credit card. 

What is the minimum time period that I can use OcuCloud for?

There is no minimum time frame that you need to commit for. Scale up or down according to your business’ needs. 

What resources, training or specialized staff do I need to use OcuCloud?

No security experts or resources are required. OcuCloud does all the heavy lifting when it comes to security. 

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