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Your cloud security is ruining your productivity!

Cloud Security Restrictions may be ruining employee productivity

Cloud Security and Employee Productivity

Businesses are spending billions of dollars each year to transition to the cloud and take advantage of the efficiencies the technology offers.

The cloud is boosting employee productivity:
• Employees can now work from anywhere
• Collaborate on projects
• Access the cloud 24/7

However, businesses are missing out on the true potential of the cloud in the name of security.

OcuCloud’s advanced software keeps valuable business information safe by:

• Enabling you to identify and prevent malicious, negligent employees and their actions

• Video recordings of valuable information allow you to easily find and watch what’s being done with this information

OcuCloud keeps business’ valuable information safe in the cloud without impacting employee productivity

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Security vs. Productivity

Security is essential, however, it can be detrimental to productivity and can counter the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Cloud functionality is being restricted, for example:

• The ability to download reports

• Access to the cloud platforms on mobile devices

These limitations are severely hampering productivity, ultimately hurting your business’ bottom line.

When employees require access to certain functionality, there is a back and forth conversation between business units, a time staking and onerous task. This increases costs and demands on IT and other business units. In circumstances full rights are granted or sensitive information is shared, defeating the entire reason for implementing the restrictions in the first place.

These controls create a false sense of security while failing to prevent security breaches.

For example:

• A rogue sales person may not be able to exfiltrate a client listing, but they are able to delete records, enter misleading data and alter banking information.

• Employees that are leaving an organization are high risk. These employees have access to valuable business information. Most security controls focus on shutting off access only once the employee has left. They neglect to address the increased security risk prior to this time frame.

Information sharing between devices and applications can render security ineffective. For example, businesses’ contacts on employees’ mobiles can automatically be merged with personal contacts. This means employees could already have valuable business information on their phone. They wouldn’t need to download a report to get this data.

This security, furthermore, fails to:

• Negate negligence. Without accountability employees transgress.

• Address privileged users with unfettered access.

What if there was a way to keep business information safe without limiting the cloud or employee productivity?

There is, with OcuCloud – Get the full, unrestricted benefits of the cloud:

  • Maximise employee productivity without compromising security

  • Introduce previously restricted features such as mobile computing (BYOD) whilst maintaining security

  • Improve your security posture

  • Comply with regulatory standards

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High Turnover Employees and your Security

High turnover employees are compromising your security

The requirements of the role

I recently came across the following excerpt from a job description for a part time customer service rep role at a top tier health care provider.

‘Performs all duties in compliance with laws, regulations and policies. Adheres to security policies. Maintains confidentiality of health records and client information.’

All of the job descriptions that I came across were lengthy, outlining responsibilities and required skills. However, this job description stood out from the others. It was the only one that outlined the need to know security policies and requires the maintenance of client confidentiality. I looked at approximately 15 other job ads and there was no mention of these requirements at all. It was refreshing to see this organization had clear expectations regarding security. They had taken a strong stance to ensure employees understand their obligation when they walk into their new position at this organization.

Security Risks and Accessibility of Information

It’s concerning when you think about all the customer services reps / administrators that have access to your private information. Your credit card providers, phone company, even your gym, have your information. I for one want to know that my personal information is being adequately looked after. My private information is valuable to criminals and if it were leaked I would be devastated.

OcuCloud’s advanced software keeps valuable buisness information safe by:

• Enabling you to easily identify and prevent malicious, negligent employees and their actions

• Video recording valuable information so you can see what’s being done with this information

• Indexing employee actions against videos so you can easily find and watch actions of concern on valuable information without watching entire videos

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What’s particularly worrying is customer services reps / administrators, which traditionally account for businesses high staff turnover rates, have the least to loose and the most to gain, have unfettered access to my information.

I however do not have this concern when it comes to walking into my bank and dealing with the bank tellers. I will happily hand a teller $10,000 in cash and not bat an eyelid, expecting all the funds to be deposited into my account without so much as a penny in dispute. Why is this? Because adequate checks and balances have been put in place. The bank has security and if there is ever a dispute, this will be the first port of call. High turnover (and often under paid) tellers know this and there is rarely an incident.

Stop High Turnover Employee Security Breaches

High Turnover employees are integral to your business. They work with your valuable business information. It only takes one employee to cause irreversible damage. Why chance it?

OcuCloud records valuable business information enabling you to keep that information safe. When employees know that valuable information is being recorded they don’t commit malicious and negligent actions on that information. In the same way as a bank uses security to keep your money safe, OcuCloud now provides security to keep your valuable business information safe.

Find out more today – contact us here.

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Employee Bribery at Amazon

Employee Bribery at Amazon

Background – Amazon, Employees and Bribery

According to recent findings, Amazon employees are providing classified information to intermediaries. This information is then distributed to independent sellers that use it to obtain an unfair advantage on Amazon’s eCommerce platform.

Middlemen acting on behalf of sellers approach Amazon employees offering cash inducements (from $80 to more than $2000).

The restricted information pertains to:

  • Search engine optimization techniques to rank higher than competitors within product listings
  • Methods for deleting negative customer reviews
  • Means to restore banned accounts

Implications for Amazon

This confidential information could have serious implications for Amazon given the self-regulating and efficient nature of their marketplace.

OcuCloud’s advanced software keeps valuable business information safe by:

• Enabling you to easily identify and prevent malicious, negligent employees and their actions

• Video recording valuable information so you can see what’s being done with this information

• Indexing employee actions against videos so you can easily find and watch actions of concern on valuable information without watching entire videos

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Amazon Reacts to Allegations

Amazon is currently investigating all allegations and has released the following statements “We hold our employees to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our code faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties,”.

Merchants are also facing a backlash from Amazon if caught “We have zero tolerance for abuse of our systems and if we find bad actors who have engaged in this behavior, we will take swift action against them, including terminating their selling accounts, deleting reviews, withholding funds, and taking legal action.”

Several workers locally and internationally have already been fired for inappropriately accessing information that has been misused.

Some employees working as customer support have had access to internal Amazon information restricted. This included information pertaining to specific product performance or trending keywords.

Amazon has also deleted thousands of dubious reviews, limited sellers’ access to customer data on its platform and quashed certain methods that force products to rank higher in search results.

The Prevalence of Bribery

This report is particularly concerning. It highlights that all companies even those that are well-resourced like Amazon are struggling to address malicious actions by employees. Businesses are becoming more and more susceptible to their employees being bribed, as the quantity and value of information that employees have access to increases.

OcuCloud’s advanced software stops employee bribery by preventing malicious and negligent employee actions to learn more click here.

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Salesforce Security?

Salesforce provides security in the form of Identity Access Management (IAM):

  • This is usually administered by a username and password
  • These security tools ensure only the right people are accessing your CRM information

The problem is your employees and their actions:

  • Employees are the right people that need access to valuable Salesforce information to do their jobs
  • Salesforce takes no responsibility for your employees and their actions
  • This security is your responsibility



OcuCloud’s advanced software keeps valuable business information in Salesforce safe by:

  • Enabling you to easily identify, prevent malicious or negligent employees and their actions
  • Video recording valuable information so you can see what’s being done with this information
  • Indexing employee actions against videos so you can easily find and watch actions of concern on valuable information without watching entire videos

Employees that know that valuable information is being recorded don’t commit malicious and negligent actions with that information

What would you do if your Salesforce information ended up in the wrong hands? With a competitor or on the open market?

Valuable Business Information such as:

  • Payment information and credit cards
  • Client’s personal details
  • Supplier information
  • Revenue and Projections

Do you know what employees are doing with your information? Are you protected?

OcuCloud keeps businesses safe. Book a quick demo here now to see how.

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Espionage – Apple Employee Steals Trade Secrets

Breaking-news! Apple-employee-steal-trade-secrets

The FBI has laid charges

A former Apple employee, Xiaolang Zhang was charged by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation for theft of Apple trade secrets. Zhang had been hired by Apple to work on developing the hardware and software used in autonomous vehicles. His position gave him access to trade secrets and intellectual property.

Arousing suspicion

Shortly after returning to his job from a month of paternity leave, Zhang resigned. He told his Apple supervisor that he was moving back to China to be with his sick mother. He also mentioned that he planned to work for Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese electric car startup. During the meeting the supervisor felt that Zhang had ‘been evasive’ raising suspicion.

OcuCloud’s advanced software stops employee security breaches by:

  • Providing a single pane of glass of your dangerous employees
  • Video recording their work sessions on your critical information
  • Allowing you to easily playback these recordings to see what they’ve done with your information
  • Indexing employee actions against video recordings allowing you to watch points of interest without viewing the entire video.

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The investigation

Apple’s security team was contacted to begin an investigation. Zhang was asked to hand over his laptop and two mobile devices. The investigation revealed that Zhang’s network activity had greatly increased just prior to his resignation. Most of his activity involved bulk searches and downloading confidential information. CCTV footage revealed Zhang leaving an Apple vehicle lab with computer hardware and a large box.

When Zhang was confronted with this information in a second meeting he admitted to taking the data and hardware. He further admitted to transferring information to his wife’s laptop. He consented to his wife’s laptop being searched. Sixty percent of the data found on the laptop was found to be ‘problematic’.

Zhang was ‘voluntarily’ terminated from Apple.

The FBI was contacted, and the evidence was presented to them. Zhang admitted to the FBI that he stole information. Thereafter he was arrested trying to flee to China.

Zhang faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted.

Need protection for your business?

OcuCloud’s software protects your business by video recording employees’ work sessions allowing you to watch what they have done with that information.

Employees that know their work is recorded don’t engage in malicious and negligent behaviors which cause security breaches – in the same way a speed camera prevents drivers from speeding.

OcuCloud doesn’t just solve security breaches, OcuCloud prevents them!

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