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Employees are the lifeblood of a business. They access, store, process, transfer and work on a business’ valuable information. While essential, they are human and fallible. They are prone to mistakes, are opportunistic and in certain circumstances spiteful. These traits amongst many others lead to security breaches, which cost businesses dearly. Security breaches cause fines, reputation damage, financial loss and even bankruptcy. 95% of business owners are worried about their employees. Public cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and SaaS Services like Salesforce spend vast sums of money to ensure their security is airtight, however, this is all for naught when it comes to malicious or negligent employees. The shared responsibility model employed by cloud services ensures that cloud services are not responsible for a business’ employees’ actions. The majority of businesses using the cloud cannot get the employee security, they desperately need and want. Existing employee security tool sets cater for corporate enterprises requiring security experts to operate them. Businesses do not have the budget to hire security experts which are in short supply and command high salaries. This leaves the 75% of businesses relying exclusively on cloud services’ security exposed to a massive security gap. Business need employee security, businesses want employee security, business cannot afford security because they do not have the budget to hire security experts.

OcuCloud’s veteran team of security professional have solved this pain point and addressed the deepest security challenges such as the rapidly changing remote workforce, the severe cyber security skill shortage, shadow IT, Bring Your Own Device.

OcuCloud is reshaping the future of cloud security making security / compliance easy for small, medium, corporate enterprises. OcuCloud does all the heavy lifting (preventing security breaches without security experts), reduces incident response rates (limiting the damage caused by a potential incident) and maintains employee productivity (no burdensome security restrictions).

With COVID 19 and businesses rapidly adopting cloud technologies to allow their employees to work remotely anywhere, anytime OcuCloud is essential.

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Gavin Brill

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin brings 18 years of business management experience to OcuCloud. He has lived in South Africa, Australia, and Israel. His experience ranges from working for corporates such as Virgin, Westpac, Australia’s largest bank to cybersecurity startups in Tel Aviv.

Gavin has advised businesses on revenue growth, improving operations, cost reduction initiatives and increasing employee productivity. He has set up and run successful finance, sales, and operational business units.

Gavin founded OcuCloud after dealing with businesses’ prevalent security concerns relating to employees and the difficulty businesses faced securing business information when employees have access to this information. Gavin was driven to create a solution that doesn’t just solve security breaches but prevents them after witnessing an employee breach that brought an end to a friend’s business.

Gavin leads a highly focused leadership team, oversees the day to day running of OcuCloud, the strategic planning, execution of objectives and management of performance outcomes. He is responsible for building stakeholder relationships with key funders and strategic investors.

Gavin has a BCOMT Accounting, BProc and LLB Law and is an admitted advocate in the High Court of South Africa.

Gil brings 25 years of software development management experience in IT security to OcuCloud.

Gil was one first hires at NASDAQ listed Israeli cybersecurity company, Aladdin Knowledge Systems now known as Gemalto. He spent 20 years with the company, leading the company’s development expansion in Germany.

Gil has been responsible for the full development life cycle of several deep security solutions, from initial concept to fully supported products. He has successful managed development teams in the US, Germany, Israel, China and India.

Gil decided to found OcuCloud after seeing the technical limitations of identity access management solutions in preventing employee related security breaches.

At OcuCloud Gil drives the technical roadmap and vision in line with the needs of the business. He is responsible for the architecture and development of OcuCloud’s security technology from the ground up.

Gil has an intimate knowledge of cloud infrastructures, security protocols, devops, testing software, quality assurance, various program languages, agile development standards.

Gil Fefer

Chief Technology Officer

Steven Brill

Chief Revenue Officer

Steven brings 12 years of sales and revenue operations experience to OcuCloud.

Steven has a business banking background and was responsible for the distribution of Westpac Bank’s BT Wrap and St George Bank’s Asgard Wrap investment platforms. He brought in $2 billion in funds under management through a partner channel of independent financial advisors. He was promoted to BT Select to retain $680 million under administration when Commonwealth Bank acquired Count Financial. He managed compliance, administration and Genpact offshore teams.

Steven joined Big Data startup, Pipl as part of the Israel and US teams. Steven successfully accelerated customer acquisitions and significantly grew the revenue of Pipl’s API solution.

At OcuCloud Steven is responsible for revenue-generating operations ensuring messaging, pricing strategies and business models achieve revenue growth goals. Steven established OcuCloud’s Partner Program, attaining key partners, and driving client acquisition.

He has a Master of Commerce Finance from the University of Sydney.