Security Breaches are severe. They cause fines, reputational damage, financial loss and even bankruptcy. Insiders account for 59% of these breaches.

The OcuCloud team, with years of security and cloud experience, set out to address this. They built a solution that doesn’t just solve security breaches but prevents them.

OcuCloud is revolutionizing the security industry with advanced disruptive technologies that are changing the information security landscape.

Corporate enterprises now hire less security experts, harness greater cloud utility and computing mobility. Security concerns are identified, investigated, prevented immediately. Compliance audits are conducted in a fraction of the time. OcuCloud provides unparalleled visibility into what is going on with valuable business information.

Small to medium size businesses’ valuable information is now safe without the need for security experts. OcuCloud provides them with enterprise grade security that falls within their budgets.


Catching up at Cyber Week

Clip from interview with Tech Journalist, Yair Mohr and our Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Brill.



Your eyes in the cloud

We don’t just solve security breaches. We prevent them!