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Why Employees Are Dangerous


  • You’ve granted employees access to business information to do their jobs
  • Malicious employees know what business information is worth. Information can be targeted to sell to a competitor, kick start a new business, etc.
  • Negligent employees can expose business information, permanently delete records, flout security controls in the interest of productivity, etc.


You Need Security

Cloud provider security ensures outsiders are kept out of the cloud and that your employees go to the right place in the cloud. Cloud providers take no responsibility for your employees actions. You need to provide your own security!


What we do


  • Keep valuable business information in the cloud safe
  • Prevent malicious & negligent actions by employees
  • Provide comprehensive enterprise grade security for all business sizes
OcuCloud makes security in the cloud simple and easy with a powerful security breach protection technologies.


Your Cloud Security & Compliance Needs Taken Care Of


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OcuCloud Features

OcuCloud Cloud protection technology is device agnostic which means it protects against security breaches no matter how employees and remote vendors are accessing your critical cloud infrastructures or applications

  • Authentication that ensures the person accessing business information is the employee and not someone else using their credentials or a lost device.
  • Password Fortification that eliminates exposure to weak or compromised employee accounts
  • Single Sign On Portal that streamlines and manages employee access to only business sanctioned cloud services
  • Recordings that protect valuable information and allow businesses to see what’s going on with their information.


Cutting edge technology that doesn’t just solve security breaches but prevents them!


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OcuCloud Benefits


  • Powerful security software that does all the work for you to keep valuable business information safe
  • Security and compliance couldn’t be easier. No security experts required
  • Instantly know what’s going on with your business information – see who, where, how and why it is being accessed.
  • Game changing security that doesn’t impact employee productivity
With Ocucloud makes it easy for businesses to meet their security and compliance standards


OcuCloud Helps Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic


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